Naturalization is the manner in which you become a US citizen.  The law office of Kenneth G. Wincorn is experienced in immigration naturalization in Dallas. Generally speaking, the naturalization requirements according to the Immigration and Naturalization Act are:

• You must be 18 years old or older;
• Residency in the US for a specific period of time;
• Spend a specific amount of time in your USCIS district or state;
• Ability to understand, read, and write English;
• Maintain an upright moral character;
• Have knowledge of US history and government; and
• Understand and accept the US Constitution.

 Naturalization Process

The steps to apply for immigration naturalization in Dallas can be difficult to understand if you attempt to do it yourself.  Although there are forms available which can prepare you for the naturalization process, nothing can take the place of an experienced immigration and naturalization attorney.  Naturalization is a procedure which requires studying and research, an understanding of the English language, knowledge of the US government, and proof of residency.  The help of an attorney can speed the process along dramatically and ensure your paperwork is filed properly.

The Path to Naturalization

The method to gain citizenship by naturalization should begin with seeking a Dallas immigration lawyer who has the qualifications you need.  You will be required to prepare for and take the naturalization test.  Your Dallas immigration lawyer will then begin the arduous task of completing the application and ensuing naturalization forms.

Dallas Immigration Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Kenneth G. Wincorn, we offer immigration naturalization service in Dallas. We provide the personal service that will gives you confidence that the application process will go smoothly and without incident.  Contact a Dallas immigration lawyer today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the requirements for citizenship.  Call us at 214.329.9615 or complete our online web form.